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Lynnwood Living (Onsite Exhibitor)

LYNNWOOD LIVING is a design studio for interior design, lighting plan and technical advice for both private and business customers. LYNNWOOD LIVING also designs custom solutions such as cabinets, kitchens, bathroom parts, lighting fixtures and a range of Life Style products including backpacks and print T shirts. LYNNWOOD LIVING stands for the design of a light and relaxed design with inspiration from various continents such as California, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean countries, Bali, Martha's Vineyard USA and South Africa. A world-wide mix of styles that can be described as 'Rustic Chic'.

Lynnwood Living is a full-service company that realizes all aspects of construction or refurbishment. This can mean both interior or exterior. Large or small project, existing buildings or new construction. A OneStop service for all things around the house. We also think of numerous products such as lighting, acoustic solutions for wall and ceiling and various wall finishes. Lynnwood Living designs from concept, provides advice, takes care of the construction supervision or makes a tailor-made end product in-house. From the simple to the more complex (re) construction of your house: Lynnwood Living takes care of and takes care of the entire process. For the business customerwe look further than just the interior. Complete concepts for complex environments such as office and retail can be realized for this. Thanks to the correct coordination of the interior, the office can be used more efficiently and sufficient privacy can be provided for flexible work environments. We think for Retail to use the interior as an effective MARKETING tool in which your employees feel at home!

Mobile number:
060 792 8497
Contact Person:
Richard Van Der Merwe
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