Centurion range

D10 turbo, Vantage, Vert-X, Vector, IT24N, Claws, Xtrac, RDO, RSO9, Polophone, Legrand, G-Speak Classic, Smartguard, Solo, Lattice, Saflec, Foho, Unis, Nova, Supahelix, MyGSM, G-Switch, G-Web, Flux 11, Flux SA, Photon, i5, GateshoX

Exhibitors Featuring This Item:

Hyper Doors (Onsite Exhibitor)

Hyper Doors is a trusted manufacturer, supplier, and installer of garage doors, industrial doors, automation, ceilings & drywalls, and front door automation. Hyper Doors has been catering for the supplier, installer, and end-user in the Western Cape for many years, and continues to do so today. 

13A Krone Street
Worcester Industrial
western Cape
South Africa
+27 23 342 0539
Contact Person:
Mauritz Acker
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