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Short description:

The Xpanda story began in 1974, when we were manufacturing a limited number of physical barrier systems. In the past 49 years, as local and global economies changed, we have seen crime and criminal modus operandi evolve. Xpanda has been at the forefront of research and development in the physical barrier market for nearly 5 decades.

Xpanda today, are privileged to serve thousands of customers annually, manufacturing a wide range of security products, from physical security barrier systems, to perimeter security, and pretty much everything in between.

Our core focus remains that of security solutions – we are not only passionate about securing our communities, but rather fanatical in our approach to servicing them as well.

As a member of the Argent Industrial group, we promote solid corporate governance, and through our group procurement synergies, we pride ourselves in the ability to manufacture quality product, at several price points, ensuring affordable security solutions for various market segments.

Xpanda delivers – wherever you are.

We have a large distribution network, our DIY range of products are available from all major retailers, whilst our CUSTOM manufactured products are available through a national distribution network comprising over 80 regional offices. Our Global network stretches over 5 continents, with sales offices in 28 countries.

Our dedicated sales teams focus on the consumer, industrial construction, corporate and retail environments. They project manage each opportunity, and our fanatical approach can be seen in the quality of the manufactured product, installation and aftersales service.

From Humble beginnings in 1974, our ethos remain the same today as it has been then our purpose goes far beyond profit, we believe in a safer world.

Thank you for choosing Xpanda, real security, real fast.

14-22 Wiltshire Road
Mariann Industrial Estate
South Africa
0861 972 632
Mobile number:
082 906 3652
Contact person:
Gavin Bean