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HWZ International (Onsite Exhibitor)

Spruce up your home with HWZ

Logo-HWZ-InternationalHWZ International South Africa launches their First Newsletter introducing the premium brand Novaspruce. Novaspruce connects traditional ecological material and modern innovative technologies which helps you to spruce up your home

and turn your dreams into reality. Feel the spruce. See the shine. Experience the difference!

See their newsletter here: www.novaspruce.co.za



4 Sedgemoor Road
Camps Bay
Cape Town
South Africa
(021)438 9221
Mobile number:
076 401 9120
Contact Person:
Zaida Davids

Pitch 45 (Onsite Exhibitor)

After qualifying as a Master Carpenter in Germany in 1993, Klaus Körber relocated to South Africa in 2006 and founded Pitch 45 in 2007 to apply his expertise in specialised timber roofing to local clients.

Based in Somerset West, Western Cape, Pitch 45 provides the German standard of art and craftsmanship for timber construction in South Africa.

Specialising in exposed timber roofing, Pitch 45 has a large and expanding list of satisfied customers, from private home owners to large businesses.

The company sources the best and most suitable timber for the job from all over South Africa and abroad – never compromising on quality. Bolts and screws are carefully sourced from Germany – many of them hand-crafted to perfectly suit the job at hand.

Why consider exposed roofing? As Klaus aptly says: “It gives you space to breathe and continuously brings the outside inside.”

13 Meerlust Henry Vos Avenue
Asla Industrial Park
Cape Town
South Africa
021 850 0341
Mobile number:
074 104 4113
Contact Person:
Klaus Korber

Pryde Trusses & Hardware (Onsite Exhibitor)

We are a one stop for Roof Trusses, Roofing material and building material.

Creating Dream Roofs!!!

Pryde Tusses & Hardware is a leading manufacturer of timber roof trusses with more than 17 years expertise in the roofing industry. We supply to all markets as we make our quality products affordable for everyone and this together with excellent service is what gives us the competitive advantage. We are also one of the top manufacturers of modern exposed and bolted Trusses for malls, restuarants, hotels, upmarket homes and other grand buildings. If preferred, you can give and discuss your own creartive ideas with one of our qualified roof designers who give expert advice.

Most Competitive prices!!!

For your convenience, a wide variety of quality Roofing & Building materials can also be purchased directly from our Hardware departments at the best prices.

Pine Roofing Timber, Laminated Beams, Insulation, Roof sheets, Roof Tiles, Roof Slates, Fascia & Barge Boards, Brackets & Fixings, Carport & Patio Posts, Gutters (PVC), Hardware, Celing Boards & Accessories, Soffit Boards, Doors & Windows, Bricks, Blocks, Cement, Sand  & Stone, Shutter Board & Decking Board, San-Ware & Plumbing.

Summary of services:

  • Estimation of Roof Trusses, Carports(Flat Roofs), Ceiling and Building Material
  • Roof Truss Manufacturer
  • Excellent Quality Service and Prices
  • Highly Qualified Designers and Expert Advise
  • Planing of Timber
  • Speedy deliveries
  • Mitek Fabricator and ITC Certified
20 Kariga Street
Cape Town
South Africa
021 949 7915
Mobile number:
083 709 7004
Contact Person:
Juanita Mostert
021 949 0099
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