Light Steel Frame Building

Rapid Build Technologies (Onsite Exhibitor)

Rapid Build Technologies manufactures lightweight Steel frame building systems, using the Scottdale range of machines, with dedicated steel frame software design and 3D model renders

Design Detailing Services

Dedicated Steel Frame Software Design + 3D Model Renders  Integration of Engineering Software + Preparation to Roll Steel for CNC Roll Forming Equipment.

Pre -Engineered (PEB) Structural Engineering Integrity Tests whilst Designing 

Each Building Element Expressed in Diagrammatic Form –Shop Drawings

Building System and Layout Drawings indicating each Building Element

Construction Assembly Drawings by Building Element  Floor Systems | Joists | Suspended Floors 

Envelope Walls | Façade Walls | Commercial Rain Screen Wall Systems | Apertures done at Design Stage –Thermal Performances can be Integrated at Design Stage

Internal Walls |Apertures done at Design Stage  Roof Truss and Roof Panel Systems Fasteners and Anchoring Systems done at Design Stage   

Showroom: The Building Centre 7 Platinum Street
Northgate Estate
Cape Town
South Africa
072 647 2533
Mobile number:
072 647 2533
Contact Person:
Andre Schlunz
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