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Jambmax (Onsite Exhibitor)

We are a company specialising in the steel door and window frames. Since 2002 we have manufactured standard doorframes and windows. We proud ourselves in contracting special designs and architectural frames, thus making  the building easier with these special designs with no lintels, no reveals or sills as this is incorporated into the design of the frame.

*By us, you have a choice to have your frames in red Oxide or Galvanized finish.

*Since 2002, Jambmax has grown into the largest steel door and window manufacturer in the Western Cape.

*In March 2012, we opened a warehouse in George to supply the south coast region. In the near future, we are planning to open a warehouse in Namibia supplying high quality doors to the entire Namibia.

14 Silver Street
Cape Town
South Africa
021 982 0660
Contact Person:
Maryka Du Plessis

Orac Decor SA (Onsite Exhibitor)

ORAC, a family business, is the leading European manufacturer of innovative decorative synthetic coving, mouldings and ornaments. The extensive and complete collections range from stylish skirting, wainscoting, panel and cornice mouldings to innovative cove lighting and distinctive architraves, pilasters and rosettes.

Our products are not just durable and light. They are also easy to install. We offer contemporary quality solutions that are both functional and decorative to suit every project. Our elements bring to life what is flat and bare. Welcome to the inspiring world of Orac Decor®.

Why buy Orac Decor®?

High-quality products for the ultimate interior finish

Quick and easy to install and can be painted immediately

Extensive collections to suit every taste, style and budget

A wealth of inspiring ideas and innovative applications

Preferred and recommended by professionals

Unit 8 Imbonini Mini Factories
1 Eagle Road
Shaka's Head
South Africa
032 947 0422
Mobile number:
083 249 6123
Contact Person:
Byron Gould

Pryde Trusses & Hardware (Onsite Exhibitor)

We are a one stop for Roof Trusses, Roofing material and building material.

Creating Dream Roofs!!!

Pryde Tusses & Hardware is a leading manufacturer of timber roof trusses with more than 17 years expertise in the roofing industry. We supply to all markets as we make our quality products affordable for everyone and this together with excellent service is what gives us the competitive advantage. We are also one of the top manufacturers of modern exposed and bolted Trusses for malls, restuarants, hotels, upmarket homes and other grand buildings. If preferred, you can give and discuss your own creartive ideas with one of our qualified roof designers who give expert advice.

Most Competitive prices!!!

For your convenience, a wide variety of quality Roofing & Building materials can also be purchased directly from our Hardware departments at the best prices.

Pine Roofing Timber, Laminated Beams, Insulation, Roof sheets, Roof Tiles, Roof Slates, Fascia & Barge Boards, Brackets & Fixings, Carport & Patio Posts, Gutters (PVC), Hardware, Celing Boards & Accessories, Soffit Boards, Doors & Windows, Bricks, Blocks, Cement, Sand  & Stone, Shutter Board & Decking Board, San-Ware & Plumbing.

Summary of services:

  • Estimation of Roof Trusses, Carports(Flat Roofs), Ceiling and Building Material
  • Roof Truss Manufacturer
  • Excellent Quality Service and Prices
  • Highly Qualified Designers and Expert Advise
  • Planing of Timber
  • Speedy deliveries
  • Mitek Fabricator and ITC Certified
20 Kariga Street
Cape Town
South Africa
021 949 7915
Mobile number:
083 709 7004
Contact Person:
Juanita Mostert
021 949 0099
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