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Shockoloza Electrified Fencing (Onsite Exhibitor)

Shockoloza is a leading electrified fencing service provider in the Western Cape serving the domestic, business and industrial markets.

We have handled literally hundreds of installations, and we pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship and our highly experienced installation and service teams.

In all our endeavours we seek to provide the most effective security solutions for our clients and their properties.

Why choose Shockoloza as your service provider?

• Highly experienced teams

• Highest level of customer service

• Professional, clean installations

• All work guaranteed

About Electrified Fencing

Without doubt, electrified fencing is the most effective deterrent in the security market for keeping trespassers outside any property perimeter.

Quite simply, an electrified fence energizer converts mains or battery power into a high voltage pulse, and the energizer releases this pulse intermittedly onto an insulated fence line. This pulse is commonly referred to as the “shock” and is felt by any animal or human that touches an exposed wire and is grounded. Birds and other small creatures that settle on the wires will not be shocked unless they are grounded.

An electrified fence is as much a psychological barrier as much as a physical one, and while the shock may be dramatic and severely unpleasant it isn’t lethal.

All electrified fencing installations are required to comply fully with the requirements as specified in the Government Gazette and by the SABS pertaining to the erection of non-lethal electrified fencing.

207 Valyland Office Block
Recreation Road
Fish Hoek
Cape Town
South Africa
021 782 0681
Mobile number:
082 784 4334
Contact Person:
Giles Conradie
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