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Access Control Systems

Proximity access control, Biometric access control, Intercom systems, Keypad access control

Accentronix (Onsite Exhibitor)

13 Years ago!

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo - we believe in thinking differently. This is done by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly. We just happened to make great products!

Our Executive Director Philip Spies started the company in 2004 with a dream of bringing new and exciting concepts and designs to South Africa. He does that by challenging existing technologies and streamlining it for the South African market. Philip has a background of military communication systems design.

Accentronix started out as a typical 'out of the garage' company, developing and introducing the concept of access control with your cellphone with the original Cellswitch V1 during 2004. From there on Accentronix established itself over its 13 years of existence as a leading technology supplier in the security, retail, industrial and agricultural sectors, exporting directly to Africa and Europe.

Today our products are used by most of the major food and retail companies, including KFC, Spur, Kauai, Wimpy, King Pie, Vida e caffe, just to name a few. Whenever you are in a shopping center, chances are that you are only meters away from one of our devices. There might even be one installed in your gate motor.

Applications where our products are being used in includes, access control in large security estates and homes, temperature monitoring in laboratories and food the industry, home automation, point-of-sale, irrigation control on farms and even weather monitoring buoys at sea!

We stimulate the local economy by using as many local resources as possible. We do this by means of partnering with institutions like CPUT and employing their technology students for their skills development programs. We also implement 'local only' policies by using South African manufacturing partners and electronic component suppliers making a positive impact on local job creation.

1st Floor Cape Gate Decor Centre
Nitida Avenue
Western Cape
South Africa
087 550 3479
Mobile number:
082 772 7789
Contact Person:
Phillip Spies

African Hut Automation (Onsite Exhibitor)

We retail and install Smarthome security products, including Smart door locks, Smart security products, IP camers, Smart lighting, Video doorbells and motion sensors. We help to improve the security of homes and businesses and save energy at the same time.

Smarten up your home saving energy and money at the same time.

Integration of whole house lighting control, security, climate control (air-conditioning and heating) CCTV cameras, messaging, Irrigation, Pool and Spa, weather and photos. By integrating these systems in your home, they can be programmed to run automatically based on "events" and "scenarios" automating daily and vacation (holiday mode) functions. You do not need multiple switches all lined up next to each other on a wall which looks untidy. your mobile device can perform these functions and so much more. Control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world with one touch access from multiple devices such pc or smart phones. Our systems provide you with the latest technology and are simple to use! The interface is intuitive, smart and easy to use as it has the same look and feel no matter what device you use, even granny will love it!.

Lights can wake you up and help you energize, read, concentrate and relax. Customize your daily routines into moments you can enjoy. Set the mood. Change the ambiance. Feel the difference. Feel better. Set the right ambiance for any moment with a range of beautiful, natural white light. Use the app to set any shade of white light, from cool energizing daylight to relaxing warm white light.

Lights that welcomes you home and lets you control your lights from your bedroom to your backyard. You can automate your lights completely to make it seem like you’re home when you’re not. With geofencing technology, your lights can even welcome you home or switch off automatically when you leave your home. It’s all about simplifying your life and giving you peace of mind in smart and useful ways.

You don’t have to be at home to control your lights. The app is a control panel that connects you to your lights from anywhere in the world. Make it look like someone’s home when you’re relaxing on the beach. Or just switch your lights off if you’ll be home later than you thought. The portal also saves your personalized scenes and Light Recipes. And it even keeps your bridge 

In a smart home, your connected appliances not only respond to your remote commands but they can act based on your predefined instructions for example “if I get home start brewing my coffee”. These commands can be changed at any time on a single app on your smartphone. You can also control you’re the energy guzzling geyser by telling it when to turn on/off and even switching it off whilst in the comfort of your office.



7 Breezand Road
Cape Town
South Africa
060 641 7848
Mobile number:
083 254 8590
Contact Person:
Mlu Gcabo

Shockoloza Electrified Fencing (Onsite Exhibitor)

Shockoloza is a leading electrified fencing service provider in the Western Cape serving the domestic, business and industrial markets.

We have handled literally hundreds of installations, and we pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship and our highly experienced installation and service teams.

In all our endeavours we seek to provide the most effective security solutions for our clients and their properties.

Why choose Shockoloza as your service provider?

• Highly experienced teams

• Highest level of customer service

• Professional, clean installations

• All work guaranteed

About Electrified Fencing

Without doubt, electrified fencing is the most effective deterrent in the security market for keeping trespassers outside any property perimeter.

Quite simply, an electrified fence energizer converts mains or battery power into a high voltage pulse, and the energizer releases this pulse intermittedly onto an insulated fence line. This pulse is commonly referred to as the “shock” and is felt by any animal or human that touches an exposed wire and is grounded. Birds and other small creatures that settle on the wires will not be shocked unless they are grounded.

An electrified fence is as much a psychological barrier as much as a physical one, and while the shock may be dramatic and severely unpleasant it isn’t lethal.

All electrified fencing installations are required to comply fully with the requirements as specified in the Government Gazette and by the SABS pertaining to the erection of non-lethal electrified fencing.

207 Valyland Office Block
Recreation Road
Fish Hoek
Cape Town
South Africa
021 782 0681
Mobile number:
082 784 4334
Contact Person:
Giles Conradie
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