JNA Thatchers

The thatching industry is rich in history, craftsmanship and passion. At JNA Thatchers (for the last 37 years known as Lucas Quality Thatchers) we pride ourselves in our highly skilled team; our vast experience and absolute passion for the art of thatching.

Creating a stable environment for our employees since 1980, JNA Thatchers is recognized as a premier thatching company and is ranked amongst the top thatching companies in the world.

For three decades; the JNA Thatchers family continuously pushed and strived for excellence. No client is too far, no challenge too big and no standard too high.

Over the years, our business has spread across the world, throughout our neighboring countries and even as far as the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

We pride ourselves in staying true to our brand; delivering a high-quality product, at all times.

JNA Thatchers was one of the founding members of the South African Thatching Association - which was established in 2007. JNA Thatchers is also one of only two thatching companies certified by the South African Technical Auditing Service (SATAS).

Our services include:

• General thatch consulting

• Thatch roof design & advice

• Free quotations and assessments

• Structural design by our in-house professional Structural and Civil Engineer

• Material sourcing and supply

• Professionally supervised carpenter and thatching teams

• Facilitate exclusive and competitive insurance rates

• After-sales service, maintenance and extended guarantees

• Rejuvenating existing roofs and advice on extending the life expectancy of a thatch roof

• Technologically advanced manual and automated drencher systems

• New closed construction methods enhancing the quality of a thatched roof

Product categories: